We believe everyone deserves to have the tools to reach their biggest goals.  

- Lauren Ashcroft


Hey there, I'm Lauren, and I founded UltimateYou along with my fiancé, Philip. UltimateYou was born out of a desire to share the knowledge I'd learnt working with some of the world's top entrepreneurs. I was lucky enough to observe a lot of the tools and strategies they used to reach big goals, while still living a joyful and happy life.

I founded the company in 2020 after I was made redundant. I had been thinking about creating a planner for a long time, and this gave me the push I needed to actually do it. Creating the planner became a really therapeutic process for me, as I used the tools I was creating to get more clarity and motivation for myself in a difficult time (the usual 2020 drama: redundancy, pandemic, plus living abroad).

We launched the idea on Kickstarter in summer 2020 and within a few weeks, we were fully funded. We sent out all of those first orders in December 2020, and it was a real "pinch me" moment shipping out those planners to people across six continents (still not had an order to Antartica...anyone?)

Since then, we've been featured in Yahoo and Women's Health Magazine, appeared as a guest on many podcasts and given a speech for Lancaster University's Enactus group. We're on a mission to keep growing and helping more people to identify and reach their biggest goals.


To provide accessible, educational tools that empowers professionals to build confidence and clarity

Our Vision

UltimateYou was built on the belief that entrepreneurs, professionals and students can live a more joyful and clear life.