Want to Launch Your Business? Learn from my Mistakes

Last week, I had the honour of being asked to speak to the ENACTUS society at Lancaster University. With COVID still making face-to-face meetings almost impossible, we turned to technology to facilitate the talk. You can watch the recording of the talk here.

Throughout this talk, I discuss the biggest fears I hear from budding entrepreneurs when they are talking about launching a business. The 4 big concerns I hear again and again from people are that they:
- don't know what product or service they can offer
- don't know how to sell or market themselves
- worry about pressure surrounding money
- don't have the right mindset for growth

I definitely don't have all the answers to all of these issues yet, but I draw on my own experience and the lessons I've learned so far, 8 months into my business. I firmly believe that when we treat entrepreneurship as a journey made up of experiments, we can have fun in our work and find the formula for our own success.

Check out my talk below and let me know what you think!

Watch here.

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