Clarity Crash Course

Discover more about yourself and your passion in this 4 week crash course. Learn tools and strategies which set you up for getting your best results and give you back that little spark. ✨

Clarity Crash Course (AKA what the hell am I doing with my life)

You wake up and go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch Netflix…everything is fine. But there is something missing. You’re not really sure what, but you’re lacking a bit of spark. You don’t feel excited about your work (or even your days sometimes for that matter) and you’re not entirely sure what your end goal is. You’re existing but not really living life to its fullest.

Enter: The Clarity Crash Course. This is a 4 week course designed to get your mojo back, to help you feel in charge and in control of your life. This will provide you with the tools you need to understand more about who you are, what you want from life and how to get it.

Over the course of 9 hours we will delve into:

  • Understanding what you want to do professionally
  • Your desires vs society expectations
  • Creating a plan to help you to achieve your goals
  • The importance of radical self-care
  • Creating a Morning Routine which serves you
  • How to awaken that spark inside of you
  • Simple tools which will help you to stay on top of your mental well-being (Note: I am not a therapist, for anyone seeking deeper work on their mental health, I would always recommend seeking help first from a qualified therapist.)

This course is specifically designed for women 18-35* to get a handle on how they want to set up their life.

*Throughout the course we will touch on some issues which are more unique to women within this age range. However, we don’t want anyone to feel left out and anyone is warmly welcome to join, but please be aware we will dive into some issues which may be more applicable to this demographic

How it works

1:1 Introductory Call

After signing up for the course, you will have a 30 minute introductory Zoom call directly with Lauren so that she can understand more about your situation and what you are looking to gain from our work together.

Group Sessions

Once the course begins, you will have 4 live group training sessions over the course of 4 weeks. Each session will last 2 hours. (Note: courses will begin at 18:30 GMT on Mondays, please check this works with your schedule and time zone before booking.)

1:1 Wrap Up

At the end of these sessions, you will have another 30 minute session with Lauren to help to distill all the information you learnt during the training. By the end of our time together, you will have clarity around what you want from your life and a plan to get there.

You have the power to design your life and take charge of what you want. Don’t settle for a life that you aren’t madly in love with.

Next Course Starting: June 7th 2021

£ 425

Lauren Aschroft


Lauren Ashcroft

Lauren is the founder of UltimateYou and creator of the UltimateYou Planner. She has a background working within the coaching industry with top entrepreneurs around the world, helping them to achieve their goals. She wants to bring the secrets of the most successful founders and CEOs into the public domain and allow others to benefit from their tools. 

Lauren has personally battled with many of the issues discussed in the Clarity Crash Course and is passionate about sharing her experience to help others. After moving from the UK to Germany, Lauren was overwhelmed with questions about the direction she should take in her life, and turned to countless books, resources and courses to get answers. Few things helped her to make real progress, but the ones that did have stuck and become a big part of her life. In the Clarity Crash Course, she has distilled all of this knowledge into actionable resources which will help you to start living your best life.