1:1 Accountability Calls

Our best results happen when we stretch ourselves and move outside of our comfort zone. This process is rarely easy, but is nearly always worth it.

Why Work with an Accountability Coach?

Much like an athlete needs a coach, many professionals feel the benefits of an accountability coach.

An accountability coach is there to guide you through the best strategies and mindset tools which help you to unlock your ultimate results, all the while keeping you accountable to the big goals that you have set for yourself.

Through your tailored 1:1 coaching sessions

  • You will find clarity on what you really want to achieve, so you can stop making excuses and start taking action
  • Learn how to utilise your strengths to get your best results
  • Understand more about the benefits of surrounding yourself with other people with complementary skillsets
  • We will work together to put detailed action plans into place to hit your goals 
  • You will identify potential obstacles and together we will create plans to overcome them
  • Work on limiting beliefs that are holding you back from succeeding
  • You will be held accountable to doing what you said and have a cheerleader who is supporting you all the way
Group 2

Weekly calls with your coach

Group 2

Find clarity and set SMART goals

Group 2

Use WOOP goal setting framework to create action plans

Group 2

Benefit from a supportive coach to help you stay on track

Group 2

Improve mindset and push past obstacles

Group 2

Receive a new UltimateYou Planner every 6 months

How it works

You will work together with your personal coach on a weekly basis in a Zoom call. You will find a recurring time slot each week where you will meet for 60 minutes to help you stay on track with achieving your biggest goals.


Flexible packages to help you to get started whenever you’re ready. Our tried-and-tested methods will help you to achieve your biggest results.

Ready to get started today? Great! Find the best option for you and we will be in touch within 48 hours to set up your first call.

Booster Plan

For short term projects
£ 1425
  • 3 months of weekly accountability coaching to ensure you get your best results.

Growth Plan

For a bigger commitment to your goals
£ 2550
  • 6 months of weekly accountability coaching to ensure you get your best results.

Abundance Plan

For ultimate results on longer projects
£ 4650
  • 12 months of weekly accountability coaching to ensure you get your best results.

Lauren Ashcroft


Lauren Ashcroft

Lauren is the founder of UltimateYou and creator of the UltimateYou Planner. She has a background working within the coaching industry with top entrepreneurs around the world, helping them to achieve their goals. She wants to bring the secrets of the most successful founders and CEOs into the public domain and allow others to benefit from their tools. 

She is passionate about getting results and firmly believes there is always a path to success. With her optimistic outlook and systematic approach to problem solving, her style of accountability coaching will ensure you get your best results.