Meet the Team

We’re a (soon to be) husband and wife team.

Lauren Ashcroft


Lauren is originally from the UK and has lived in 4 different countries over the past 7 years. During her time living in Germany, she took action on her dream of creating a business to empower people to reach their biggest goals. With a background working in the coaching industry with leading entrepreneurs from around the world, she took her experience and combined it with her passion for learning to create the UltimateYou Planner.

Lauren is a skilled public speaker and uses her unique skillset to motivate others to stop talking and take action on what they really want to achieve.

Philip Grave


Philip is the problem-solver within the company. He has endless enthusiasm for finding solutions to make things work more efficiently and to get better results. Originally from Germany, Philip has gained experience working internationally in the US, China, Turkey and is now based in Portugal.

Although Philip’s main skills lie in marketing and technology, he works across all areas of the business to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes at UltimateYou.

We are on a mission to help you to reach your biggest goals.

The moment our Kickstarter campaign ended and we could celebrate being fully funded!

Watch our first video which we used for our Kickstarter Campaign!
This video tells the story of how UltimateYou came to be formed and gives a step-by-step walk through on how to use the UltimateYou Planner.

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